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my creations

  • My jewelry is made of unique materials, many of which are recycled. I hand select the beads, colorful embroidery and unique fabrics from markets hidden away throughout Israel and from around the world. Combining these materials together creates one of a kind jewelry.

  • A technique I have been using for many years, made up of etching, lithography and collography. In this image I am using the collography printmaking technique, involving the adhesion of materials with textures and colors, transferring the image onto damp paper to create a beautiful art work.

  • At university I studied art, sculpture and plaster casting. In this image I am removing the plaster from one of my sculptures to reveal the result underneath.

  • Paintings on transparent paper are transferred to a grid using liquid emulsion in a dark room. The results are individual and ever-changing depending on on the placement of color.

  • Another passion of my is teaching art. I taught art through the Ministry of Education, carrying out projects in schools that were displayed in exhibitions to the public.

  • A charcoal drawing of a ‘wild woman’, using acrylic paint and collage. This piece incorporates golden paper, vibrant colors and adhesion. This art work is centered around the unique composition of visual elements.

  • A collage made up of a collection of shapes and colors, using emotion to connect the elements together and create a piece of art work on canvas.

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